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Guide to Wear Your Khaki Pants the Stylish Way

ce9663c263a2e65bc100e6643d310397The fit and color of your khaki are the most important things to be considered before planning a day out in these military-inspired pants.
Having said that, the current trend may call for various pockets to be placed on your pants, but if you’re on the heavier side, or have extra pounds on your waistline or a belly bulge, dump the tight fits. Gone are the days when khakis were those loose, baggy pants. The new khakis are a fashion statement with a straight fit. Tight fits and chinos are in and available in plenty.

These pants can not only make a part of your summer collection but also of the winter one as they are light weight outfits. Khakis come in different colors, brown and beige being the most common ones, but latest trend has them in the hues of tan, green, cream, and gray. True khaki is made from cotton, but these days, it is available in corduroy fabric too. Khakis with 4 pockets are perfect, so don’t unnecessarily pack yourself in a 10-pocket pant!

Here are some tips to wear these regular, business casual pants to get that extra bit of attention.

Tips To Style Your Khaki Pants

Wear it with White
If you’re new to wearing khakis, the safest bet is to pair your tan pants with white shirts or tops. If you choose the pleated pant which tapers from the thigh to the bottom, give a casual touch to it by adding a white flowy top or a laced blouse. This looks pretty glamorous, no kidding! For a formal appearance, tuck in the white blouse and tie your hair into a neat updo!

Pair it with Blue
Be it a plaid shirt tucked in, or a plain blue dress shirt left untucked, the blue top and khaki pant make a classic combo! Add a pair of Oxford Heels or brown-hued Converse to your attire.

Add some Feminine Color
Adding a feminine tinge to the masculine khaki can work wonders. You could wear a polo shirt or a slim fit shirt in pink or red with full length khaki pants. Or you could choose a soft pastel shirt with a capri length khaki to flaunt those shapely legs. Accessorize with a contrasting belt and footwear.

Denim + Khaki = Super-casual Combo
The daily, casual fashion wear of the universe revolves around denim. Pick a denim shirt or a denim jacket, and pair it with straight fit khaki pants. Women can go in for khaki chinos with a denim accented button down shirt. Add a pair of geeky glasses or a stack of bangles to complement the outfit, and give yourself that intelligent, interesting look. A great pair of shoes would give the finishing touch. Altogether, a groovy Friday look!

With Wraps and Sweaters
Mix and match the tees and the wraps on a semi-formal khaki pant. Blend bright color sweaters or wraps with light color khakis. Take a look at the sample above to get an idea of the khaki effect. A business casual look incorporated with some playfulness!

With Scarves and Jackets
For regular khakis, either wear a jacket that has khaki detailing, or just coordinate its color with that of your pant. For lighter-colored khakis combine it with a darker jackets and throw in a scarf for that absolute casual look. A pair of sneakers would look great with them. A perfect winter look that is even more promising than what you imagined!

A Little Black Goes a Long Way
All set to step out of your home in your khaki? Umm… something’s missing, right? Grab a pair of lustrous black stilettos or a black wrap and add that chic look!

Master with a Mix!
Team your khaki pants with a dark-colored blouse/shirt. Add more color with a pair of bright pumps and a matching scarf. A look appropriate for both casual and formal occasions.

With Khaki Accents
If pairing your khakis seems challenging, pick anything you find in your wardrobe for a top (a formal shirt, a semi-casual tee). Later, search accessories in shades of khaki. Shoes being the most natural choice, you can have your handbags or suitcases in khaki color as well.

Wear it with Tall Boots
While the winter attire doesn’t allow you to expose your skin, we suggest you showcase your style by wearing tall boots. Contrasting boot colors with cute cloches, lovely woolen wraps, and tall boots, make an ultimate winter wear statement!

Making the army-inspired pant a trendy piece of fashion is not an easy task. Try these tips, experiment a little on your own, and you’re sure to get it right. Happy Styling!

How to Stylish and Comfortable Outfit Ideas Meant for School

900-27581205-girls-sitting-on-benchAs students, it is not possible for us to buy new outfits every day. But with a little creativity and style you can make it seem like you are wearing something new daily. All of us should have some basic evergreen styles in our wardrobe. If you have the basic styles, you can always mix and match to come up with new cute school outfits.

Pin it Up!

  • Keep things simple and trendy. Don’t wear anything over-the-top. Thesignificant point here is to keep it simple, clean, and elegant.
  • It’s great to follow the latest fashion styles, but it is also important to adapt to the trends that suit your body type. Otherwise you will end up looking like a major trend-chaser.
  • Always remember to keep the focal point on one piece of clothing. Do not try to include too many aspects in your outfit.
  • When you are choosing footwear, try colorful trendy sneakers or cute ballerina flat shoes. Opt for shoes that are comfortable, instead of pencil-high heels.
  • Dress up with “confidence”. If you don’t have it, fake it. When you are not doubting yourself, no one else will doubt you or your fashion sense.

For Girls
It is tough to be on a fashion budget, when you are a student, but style does not have to be expensive. A stylish jacket, a fancy printed scarf or a colorful muffler and boots are all you need to stand out in the crowd. Wear outfits that bring out your personality well, and at the same time keeping one’s integrity and respect intact. Here are some really interesting, creative and cute outfits ideas to wear to school.

An Ensemble of Classy Colors
Do you want to be flooded with compliments? Then try this look – wear colorful pants with a well-fitted top or plain white t-shirt and your favorite hoodie. To accessorize, throw in some colorful, beaded bracelets, a stone ring and a pair of kitten-healed sandals or flat ballerina. This look is all about flaunting colors that complement each other, and that give a stylish and comfortable appeal. This style will surely be a head turner.

Ruffle up with Suaveness
A colorful tank top with a cute ruffle mini skirt, a watch, a printed scarf and bright-colored boots will definitely get you noticed. If you are not comfortable in a mini skirt, then you can always try a knee-length skirt and complete this look by adding a stylish cardigan to it.

The Vintage Look with a Modern Twist
The floral prints have been a sensation since the vintage era and continue to be a favorite even today. Go for a simple, fresh color printed dress and accessorize this look with a watch, a cropped denim jacket, trendy sneakers and some layered bracelets. What makes a simple look a little more exciting are accessories, so layer tons of cute necklaces and add a simple hairpiece to complete this look. There you have a perfect blend of the old and the new.

For Boys
Fashion is not what you follow but what you set, so choose wisely and go for well-fitted, comfortable clothes. Always stock your wardrobe with the basic polo shirts, plain black and white shirts, t-shirts, blue jeans, blazer, trousers, jackets, and black formal and casual shoes.

Simplicity at its Best
Round-neck shirts are very comfortable and trend-setting styles, team it up with khaki pants. A check shirt worn over a t-shirt also works well for a casual/semi-formal look. Choose those colors that go well with your skin tone.

A Stripey Affair
Striped T-shirts or crew neck T-shirts look terrific when paired with a good pair of jeans and this look can be completed with ankle-top sneakers. If you are the bold-and-brave kind, try on some neon-colored pants/chinos that come in red, yellow, green, purple, etc., and complete the look with a check shirt or plain t-shirt.

It’s All about Comfort
V-neck shirts with short sleeves are comfortable and ideal for casual wear. Team them up with a good pair of plaid shorts, sneakers or flip flops, and complete this look with a stylish watch.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. So keep it simple and do not overdo it. You just have to use your creativity and come up with trendy comfortable outfit ideas for school. Try these different combos, and have fun experimenting and creating your own style. Look at the world around you, be inspired, and dare to mix and match.

Cool Ways to Mix and Match Outfits

1-13-old-navy-womens-mix-match-board-6-10-700x318The Uniform Project
Sheena Matheiken, a Brooklyn-based design professional, undertook the challenge of wearing the same LBD (7 identical versions of it) for 365 days as an exercise in sustainable fashion. She reinvented the dress with layers and accessories. The project was also a year-long fundraiser.

That’s called mix and match for a cause!
We’ve all been there. Days when our beds are strewn with all the clothes we own, and yet, we stand in utter disgust and irritation at having nothing (absolutely nothing) to wear to work/ the club/ drinks with friends. It is a situation that comes with so much frustration that it often ends in either wearing something absolutely hideous because you just can’t be bothered anymore, or indulging in some major retail therapy because, well, you don’t have anything to wear. Get out of that style rut. There is much more in your wardrobe than you have ever realized. All you need to do is de-clutter a bit, make a few good sartorial investments, and say hello to your best friend on the whole wide planet―mixing and matching.

The Core of Your Wardrobe
You need to have the basics in your wardrobe. You cannot do without these essentials. These are lines you will often hear fashion stylists spouting. You may think their claims are over-exaggerated. Or that you don’t really need all of it in your wardrobe. But that’s the first mistake most women make. These essentials/basics form the core of your wardrobe. They are the foundation on which you can build a gorgeously majestic mountain of outfits. How is this important to mix and match, you ask? Well, that lesson comes after you take a look at what I believe form the framework of a good wardrobe.

1. LBD; 2. White shirt; 3. Blazer; 4. Pencil skirt; 5. Blue denims; 6. Black trousers; 7. Alternate pair of trousers; 8. Dress; 9. Printed skirt
The pieces shown above are those to which you can easily add other accents and create unique outfits each time. Your cores could change depending on what your job profile is, but these, more or less, form the essentials of every woman’s wardrobe.

Keep in Mind
Pick a blazer and a pair of black trousers in such a manner that they can be easily worn together to create a good suit.
You may question the addition of a second pair of trousers, a dressy skirt, and an extra dress. It is important to have a couple of extras as a part of your cores to give you that much-needed zing when it is missing. Pick a dress in your favorite color so that it perks you up when you need it. As versatile as an LBD is, it doesn’t always do the trick. Have a printed skirt in your wardrobe in a different, yet flattering silhouette to keep your looks interesting. Include an extra pair of trousers in another neutral color.

The Pieces that Supplement
So, what’s your next move? Since creating an interesting wardrobe is nowhere as complicated as a game of chess, that is a simple one. Now you pick supplements that you can wear with your cores. Many stylists also like to call these the accent pieces. They include your tops, T-shirts, blouses, cardigans, jackets; well, you get the drift. These are the pieces that allow you to layer with your clothes to create interesting ensembles every time. Now, let’s take a look at a visual guide to what you could possibly wear with the core pieces given above.

Since your core pieces are so heavily neutral in color and pattern, it is important that you introduce the color and pattern elements of your wardrobe at this level. Work in as much color as you are comfortable with, into your tops. Having neutrally-colored outerwear can often allow more scope for experimentation but, again, that is a personal choice. The trick is to explore the idea of having more variety in your tops and outerwear. Prints, which most women tend to shy away from, can perk up an outfit in a jiffy.

Keep in Mind
If you want to create a capsule wardrobe, have a color palette range in which you choose tops and blouses.
This is an observation that I have made with many women: We tend to always tone down the color of a top by wearing it with black. Now, while black is a beautiful color, it is important to have cores in different neutrals in your wardrobe. Wearing a red top with a pair of black trousers may seem like a match made in heaven, but you won’t know anything different till you don’t try wearing it with say, a gray pencil skirt.

The Frills that Accentuate
I love my accessories. The most space in my wardrobe is dedicated to jewelry, shoes, and bags. You may think that is normal quirky. After all, we women do love our shoes and bags. But there is a method to the madness. And if you are one of those people who hasn’t recognized the method yet, here’s the explanation. Frills rule! The neglect that accessorizing is subjected to, is the reason we have I-don’t-know-what-to-wear days. What are frills? The images below should be explanation enough.

Jewelry, scarves, belts, handbags, and shoes are all those tiny details that make a good ensemble a great one. Now, to have a good collection of frills, it is important that the purchase of these pieces are in coordination with the rest of your outfit. Think of the colors in your cores and supplements, and buy frills in those colors. When I say those colors, I don’t mean the exact matchy-matchy shade; experiment with different hues as well. Work accessories in the same colors as your base pieces. If you are comfortable with the idea of color blocking, then also include a couple of pieces in neon colors to perk up your outfit.

Keep in Mind
Always own a couple of frill pieces in gold and silver shades as metallics can add that much-needed extra zing to your outfit.
When it comes to bags and shoes, always have a couple in neutral colors. A good black handbag is a must in every woman’s wardrobe as are black and nude/tan pumps. If you find the idea of transferring stuff into different handbags too much of a headache, a neutral-colored bag is a great solution. Another way to solve your bag woes is to just keep all your stuff in tinier pouches that are easier to move into another bag.

Mixing it All Up
With the right cores in place, the perfect supplements to accompany, and just the right amount and type of frills, you can create as many outfits as you like. Don’t believe me? Well, given below are a total of 27 different outfit ideas that have all been created with the pieces that have been shown in the images given above. And these are just a few of the looks that could be created. As you master mixing and matching, you can create enough outfits to last you a year.

Mastering the art (and it is an art) of mixing and matching can take a little time. You can’t go wrong with it. But it will take a little effort to hit the bull’s-eye each time. Be purposeful in the way you shop, and you will get more out of each piece of clothing that you own. And more importantly, enjoy the process. Because if you are not quite delighted by the end result, you are not going to strut your stuff the way you are meant to.